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No Chimney? No problem!

Fan and Flue Systems

If you do not have a chimney breast and would like a fireplace on or near an external wall then don’t worry because we can create the fireplace you have always dreamed of using our fan and flue system.

We build a false breast from either studwork or in block work which contains our flue. The flue would run to ceiling height where it turns 90 degrees to exit through the external wall and into a fan.


We incorporate silencers in the flue run to deaden the noise of the fan to an almost silent operation.


If the fireplace is to go on an internal wall and the external wall is to the left or right then the flue would turn 90 degrees to the left or right and can even run back down to the floor to run along to the external wall where again it would be terminated into a fan.

There are a few regulations we have to stick to but 9 times out of ten you can have the fireplace you have always dreamed of.

Using the above system you could have a fireplace opening of 700mm square which is large enough to accept most baskets or you can have a hole in the wall style fireplace with an opening of 800mm wide by 400mm high.


The larger you go the more the fan has to work and therefore you would get more noise but the above samples work almost silently.

All flue work should be notified to local authorities as set out in Document J building regulations.

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